Tuesday, 23 April 2019

The Versatility of Rubber Bands

Rubber bands can usually be found in a random kitchen drawer in your home, as most people find themselves doing. It’s really an interesting phenomenon considering you probably could get a dedicated box or container for your rubber bands. The thing is, most people just don’t put that much importance on them.

Have you ever wondered what else you could be doing with your rubber bands but haven’t thought of recently? Check out our tips below.

Can bind cardboard boxes if you don’t have tape.
While this isn’t entirely ideal by any means, rubber bands actually do a great job at binding things (duh). So, if you’ve got a few rubber bands that are particularly larger, they would be perfect for keeping some of your shipping boxes bound and together. Whether these shipping boxes are used for storage or you’re just moving a few things from one place to another, they’ll be more secure with some rubber bands. For a little extra security and ease, try folding the four flaps of the box in on themselves in the pattern that keeps all four together. 

Allows your fabric measuring tape to be bound tight.
Fabric tape measures are quite useful for taking measurements of your clothing size and measuring your body and clothes. However, it seems they always end up rolled out and tangled in one of your drawers. Just roll up the tape and bind it in the middle with a rubber band to keep it in place!

Keep your cutting board from slipping.
Wooden and plastic cutting boards usually come without rubber feet, unless you spend a lot. And wielding a chef’s knife on an unstable base sounds extremely unsafe. Create rubber “feet” by wrapping each end of a slick cutting board with rubber bands.

Prevent tea bags from slipping into your mug.
If you brew your tea loose leaf or steep tea bags in a large pot before pouring, you’re not too bothered by this problem. But for the many (like me) who steep tea bags in their mugs of hot water while at work, this is a genius idea for keeping the tea bag fastened to the side of the mug.

Just remember to get the most out of your rubber bands! They’re easily the most versatile of all the packaging supplies you likely have laying around your house. Make the most of them now that you’ve got plenty of ideas on how to further get use out of them.

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