Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Top 10 Tips to Pack and Wrap any Gift Perfectly!

Does every holiday signal an anxiety attack because of packing woes? It is a tedious and time-consuming chore to pack and wrap all types of gifts and to decide on the best way not to break a precious item or wrap an unwieldy gift. It's also possible to run out of the right packing material, just as you settle down to pack all those items.

Read on for top ten tips to make your job easy-peasy.

1. Try buying gifts online.
The greatest advantage of buying gifts online is not only added discounts, but also a pre-packed gift!. Many sellers include packing options before dispatch.

2. Know your numbers
If your concern centers on the cost of packaging, then engage in some basic research before you set yourself to the task of packing. This can be done by contacting the courier or postal operators and requesting information about their shipping charges. This involves looking up the ZIP codes of places where you plan to send gifts and also have a general idea of the dimensions and of the gift to be sent.

3. Try fixed price options
There are postal services which charge a standard price per weight of the package. These sometimes turn out to be more cost-effective as a wide range of loads that can be accommodated at a fixed cost, so even heavier packages may be charged lesser than other delivery options.

4. Delaying only makes things worse
So you have tons of gifts to pack! Get packing immediately. If you put off packing incessantly, the list of items left to wrap is only going to grow longer and seem more un-doable.

5. Pack it right
All gifts have varying packing requirements. You need to ensure a gift is appropriately packed, to prevent it from breaking, spilling or getting crushed en route. Delicate pieces can be double packed with foam, and adequate space should be left in between separate items to avoid breakage.

6. Shipping Boxes make things easy
It is possible to send gifts on your own provided that they are securely cased in sturdy boxes. These cardboard boxes generally have weight limits which you will need to be mindful of. Shipping boxes ensure safe delivery of your gift, and these are sometimes available for free from some courier companies.

7. Avoid stress through paid services
Sometimes, you may have very little time to send a gift. It is then a smart investment to utilize high-cost services that are reliable and assure timely delivery. This will save you from a lot of undue stress.

8. Appreciate and apply differential costs
Different courier and postal services ship goods at different rates. Scrutinize these prices and choose one that suits your budget. Alternatively, cost-effective options may also be looked into to avoid excessive shipping rates.

9. Value-based shipping
Jewellery and precious items need to be insured before shipping. It is wise to speak to your insurance carrier about protecting your valuable items. It is also prudent to avoid theft by ensuring that no evidence of the article is visible from the outside.

10. Retain the freshness of food
Food items that are prone to spoilage need to be shipped with consideration for delivery times. It is best to send fresh food on weekdays and avoid weekends (Friday through Sunday). Ice packs may be placed with food items if shipping them on the weekend is unavoidable.

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